Fidelina Martinez (left) and Juan Leiva (right), natives of El Salvador who live in Trenton, 新泽西, 帮助他们的儿子Gerson Leiva(中), 他是家里第一个上大学的, 在游行前做好准备.



Welcome, parents and families of Princeton students! We are thrilled to have your student at Princeton and to have you join our community. This is an exciting time for you, and we have resources to help ease the transition. You have many opportunities to learn about the University and to participate in campus events, particularly those that showcase love爱博体育app下载的 teaching and research missions.


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Princeton has several 网站s that can help introduce you to Princeton.


The 学院院长办公室 网站 has some useful 仅供家庭使用的信息. 该网站包括 按照指南 lovebet体育官网,一份名单 常见问题,一些 建议阅读.


家庭 of Princeton undergraduate students have a secure 网站, 老虎家庭中心, 更新联络资料, access pertinent University services and systems, 寻找其他与家庭相关的资源. This site will be available to families during your student's active Princeton career.


If your undergraduate is attending Princeton for the first time, 最好的信息来源是 你的love爱博体育app下载之路 网站. The site offers students with an overview to the undergraduate experience and helps them forge connections before they arrive on campus. The 网站 includes information about move-in and Orientation, 重要的大学资源, 还有一个家庭区.



We look forward to seeing you on campus at move-in, Freshman 家庭 Weekend and 毕业典礼 and hopefully some times in between. 详细信息 在校园里和校园周围 在这个网站的其他地方有吗.


一年级的家庭周末 offers us an opportunity to introduce you to some of the most important aspects of undergraduate life at Princeton. You can immerse yourself in a parallel experience of University life of open houses, 讲座, 文化和体育活动, and there are many opportunities for asking questions about procedures and policies.

和我们的正式程序一样重要, the weekend also gives you an opportunity to spend time with your student as they share their college experience with you, introduce you to their friends and show you around our beautiful campus.

学生 posing for parents at Baccalaureate


Parents and families of graduating students are invited to celebrate their students' graduation at various 毕业典礼 events. love爱博体育app下载的 校历 shows 毕业典礼 dates several years in advance, and more detailed information is available on the 毕业典礼上的信息 网站更接近事件.



All parents are members of the Princeton Parents Association and are invited to participate in campus events. 你也可以参加一系列的 educational programs presented by the 校友 Association. 由资深教员领导, these programs allow families and alumni to enjoy the benefits of a Princeton education while forging friendships within the University community.


家庭 of Princeton students can connect and share information through the Princeton Parents 脸谱网 group. The group is maintained by and for families of lovebet体育官网 students.



A variety of offices man年龄 financial aid, fees and fundraising. More detailed information is found at the sites below.

紧急信息 & 联系人


万一发生校园紧急事件, the University posts news and other official information as quickly as possible on the main University 网站, www.lovebet体育官网.edu. 这是可以理解的, families want information about their student quickly; visiting the 网站 is the easiest method for obtaining the most accurate information available. Many of love爱博体育app下载的 emergency procedures are outlined on the 应急管理网站


  • 公共安全:
  • 大学健康服务:


Every Princeton undergraduate is affiliated with a residential college, which has professionals who also may be able to assist students' families. In an emergency that involves a particular student, family members can contact the appropriate residential college office or the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate 学生 at . After hours, the dean-on-call may be reached by calling Public Safety at .


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